Posted on April 29th, 2011 at 9:13 PM by admin

Weather = bad, Amalfi Coastline = still good!

Our final day on the tour was on the Amalfi Coast. As luck would have it the rain came back and the views were a bit hazy.  I still got some great shots but I had to imagine how it would have been on a clearer day. After taking some above the coast shots from just off the highway, we went into the city of Positano. It was really neat to see an old city literally built on the  lushly covered mountains and limestone cliffs of a jutting coast line. This city also had some wonderful flowers blooming. The pictures came out especially nice as they were accumulating water droplets from the days’ on and off showers. 

Learning the benefits of shooting just after rain showers!

There is certainly no space going to waste on the Amalfi Coastline

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