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Pompei, Italy

Pompei, Italy

The next stop from Assisi was Pompei but it was quite a bus ride to get there. My new antibiotics were making my stomach do somersaults and I wondered if I was going to be able to keep down breakfast. I was given a granola bar and candied ginger by some very nice people in the group. I slept for about a third of the trip, did homework for another third and, well, consciously prayed to not throw up the other third. Thankfully I was able to keep the food down and, although a bit tired, made it through the two hour guide through Pompei that followed the bus ride. Pompei was one of my favorite stops on my tour back in 2000 but I admittedly wasn’t quite as impressed this time. I think maybe more of the stuff was removed and brought into the museum but my terrible memory does not allow me to say for certain if that is true. I did still enjoy it and with 72 degree weather in April (as it has been nearly the whole trip thus far) one really can’t complain! I enjoyed a cafe latte before the bus departed for Napoli, where our overnight faerie to Palermo awaited us. Hopefully my stomach can handle some overnight cruising…

Welcome to the ancient city of Pompei!

Ancient sinks?!!? How cooooooool

I think this is what I would do if molten lava was about to cover me

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