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Quedlinburg and Thale, Germany

Quedlinburg and Thale, Germany

  • Author: Julie
  • Date Posted: Jul 13, 2011
  • Category:
  • Address: Quedlinburg, Germany

The one day excursion to Quedlinburg and Thale was unfortunately our last and as our luck would have it, it rained AGAIN. Luckily not the whole day though. We had a nice morning and early afternoon in Quedlinburg touring the city and having a lazy lunch. That night we went to Thale and took a chairlift up to see the famous Rosstrappe (hoof print in English). The Rosstrappe itself was less than exciting to me but the view from that spot was pretty spectacular. We ate at a restaurant up top as well and of course we had to have another flaming liquor before returning back to the bus to listen US women’s soccer team kick some butt!!!

Cute couple in a cute lil town!

Sinking ground = crooked house!

New friends from the conference 😛

The view from Rosstrappe!!!

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