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Rome, Italy (again)

Rome, Italy (again)

Our last night was a dinner show. This time the opera singers were quite impressive — particularly the soprano. The show was very interactive and many people in our group, including me, were invited up on stage as a part of the performance. I danced with the host while he continued to sing opera a millimeter away from my face. Then the tenor cut in and the host gave me a butt push that actually did hurt. One of the guys in our group has a video of the whole thing — you’d think I was acting — my dad’s ham in me certainly came out that night. On the bus one of the women in our group recited a little poem about all the funny things that had happened in our two weeks. It was a good laugh for sure. When we got back to the hotel we all hugged, kissed and said our good byes. You spend every day of your life with these people for two weeks and then suddenly it’s as if it never happened. Will I ever see these people again? I don’t know but I’m glad that I met them and was able to share some once in a lifetime experiences with them. Bonding at it’s finest.

This guy must have regretted not shaving before the show

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