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Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Our travel day to Sorrento was a rough one. With rest stops only it took about 10 hours to get there. Of course this happened to coincide with my worst  health day of the trip. What was 3 weeks of strep is now going on a week of a sinus infection. I’m running out of drugs again so I am hoping my body will get in the game soon. Despite this rough trip I managed to read another book for pleasure — one that my dad brought with him and read a few days earlier. I have to pause to reflect on how I manage to travel and site see an average of 10 hours/day and still have made time to read 3 books and several other school assignments while being sick. Either I’m having one of my amazing moments or this is the exact reason I can’t seem to return to good health. My ego prefers the former. And now back to the travel stuff. I am writing this blog on the bus just as we are arriving in Sorrento. It’s a bit hazy today but  much improved from Taormina’s weather. Some of the coastal views we just saw here from the bus were spectacular. I hope my shooting through the window will capture its beauty.

On the way to Sorrento…not bad for a “through the bus window” shot eh?

(Later that night…) Dinner was to be Sorrento’s specialty: Pizza. We were served 3 different flavors as well as multiple “bready” appetizers. I don’t think  I’ve ever seen so much pizza in my life! But in my opinion the highlight of the night was not the pizza but rather the desert. This place had the best tiramisu I’ve EVER had and that is saying a lot because I’ve had a lot of it in my life.

Have you ever seen a Pizza of this size?!!? The served us like 4 of them!

The next day a bunch of us went into the city to shop and had the most wonderful gelato. I got a mixture of two of Sorrento’s own: Sorrento Walnut and Ricotta Pear. My mom was even able to find dairy-free chocolate gelato. I bought several things that I don’t really need such as biking gloves and a wallet.  What can I say? I was having one of those days where I really wanted to purchase things. Luckily that was the only day that I felt like that! That night we went out for another nice dinner in Sorrento. There I had the most tasty appetizers of the whole trip. Unfortunately I was pretty much full by the time my  main course came but what else is new!?!? I drank some coffee with our lemon puff of a desert so that I could try and stay awake for a musical that I didn’t really want to go to. It was an interesting mix of folk and opera. It was a  a bit lacking in the professional department but entertaining nonetheless.

Mom holding my and her gelato – not sure i’ve ever seen her happier! Hehe

Shopping in Sorrento (Janet and I)

Our tour guide (Milli) and driver (Francesco)

Mom, Dad and I at our last dinner in Sorrento

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