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Maui, Hawai’i Day 3-4 (Feb. 18-26, 2018)

Maui, Hawai’i Day 3-4 (Feb. 18-26, 2018)

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Wednesday was day three on Maui for us and something very rare happened that day. Both my wife and I cooked a meal together. Our daughter was quick to take a picture of this obviously noteworthy moment. Unfortunately I had to go to the dr due to an infected hang nail and sat out of the going to the beach with my family this day but I did make a turn around for evening festivities. I just needed a little treat to make me feel better. If you’ve been to Hawai’i maybe you guessed that the treat I’m talking about is called “shave ice.” I will say that there was day’s of arguing with my wife whether the correct term was “shaved ice” or “shave ice” but in the end I was atypically right with “shave ice.” Sometimes grammar loses.

OMG – we are both cooking. AKA – I am cooking too!

shave ice!!

In the evening we had some excellent drinks and dinner at Pi Artisenal Pizza in Lahaina with my friend and her destination wedding guests. After all, it was my friend’s wedding invite that brought us to Maui and this welcome dinner was a fun night for all. I even got to see the US Women’s National Hockey team win the Olympic gold medal when we got home from dinner. The day definitely turned around for the better!
The weather on day four was a bit odd. The morning was just a touch cloudy but the afternoon brought some light but long lasting rain. Since we had to get fancied up for a wedding in the evening we decided to stay close and literally walked across the street to Charlie Beach. After some sun bathing and boogie boarding we got changed and went to the wedding at Olowahu Plantation House. The rainy mist continued through the ceremony but cleared up during the reception. I  will never forget drinking fresh coconut juice right from the the coconut nor will I ever forget the dude who hacked the coconuts open for like 1.5 hours straight. What a job!!

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