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Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Sept. 21-23, 2018)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Sept. 21-23, 2018)

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Thanks to my daughter’s athletic talent we get to travel a lot to see her play. This time it took us to Milwaukee, WI. The weather was a gorgeous 70-some degrees and sunny pretty much all weekend and her team kicked butt. What did we do other than watch soccer games you might ask?


Well, we had a team lunch outing to what I can only guess is a popular college sports bar. I take no blame for this one as it was my wife’s suggestion. The place is called Who’s on Third. When my wife publicized her suggestion almost every parent of my daughters’ teammates thought she meant “Who’s on First.” After clearing up that confusion we spent the usual amount of time trying to find parking in a major city and then eventually decided to pay $10 to park across the street. This place was clearly not prepared for 20 teenage girls and their parents at 11 am on a Saturday but we had no other place to be so we waited for them to process out ginormous order. In the end, the food was pretty darn good so I can’t complain too much that it took like an hour and a half to get my order of 2 eggs, bacon and a side of avocado slices.

Our entertainment while waiting for lunch at Who’s on Third? A large dog with pink glasses riding a motorcycle. Could hardly believe my eyes…

Afterwards we teamed up with another family and decided to explore downtown Milwaukee. I was in search of my standard “new city souvenir,” otherwise known as, a cheesy as hell shot glass with the city name on it.  Yes, I got into this habit 20 some years ago and I just haven’t been able to break it. I keep saying I’m going to display said shot glasses one day but for now they are all accumulating in a box. But I digress…

While walking along the Milwaukee river we stumbled upon what looked like a native Milwaukeean and asked her where we could find the object of my desire. I might was well stop saying “we” because everyone else was just along for the “Julie wants to buy a ridiculous shot glass” ride at this point. It turned out that this young lady was headed to a Public Market Place that had exactly what we were looking for and then some. Not only did I find a shot glass but they also had all kinds of interesting local foods to try and buy. The place was bustling and in addition to the pleasant ambience it also offered me one of the best lattes of my life. Who knows what kind of coffee it was but the locally sourced milk was, no joke, some of the best I’ve ever tasted.  As Americans we know that Wisconsin is known for their dairy but i’m here to confirm that the cheeseheads do not disappoint!




Just another boat on the Milwaukee River

Some art on the Milwaukee River banks

View of the Milwaukee River

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