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Moran, MI (Aug 22- 26, 2018)

Moran, MI (Aug 22- 26, 2018)

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Where is Moran, MI you may ask? Well it is in the UP! A place that I admittedly have not explored much even though it is a part of my home state! It was only a 4 day trip but it definitely hit the perfect ratio of relaxation, exploration, and laughs…many many laughs!


The cabin style house we stayed at was right on a lake. Although we did have a considerable amount of rain while we were there, the view was both beautiful and peaceful. Most of the time we cooked food and socialized at the house but we had two very entertaining excursions. One of them was the mystery spot. I thought this was going to be kind of disappointed but it actually delivered. This spot had some weirdly altered gravitation force that leaned to the east (or at least that was how it was explained). They built a house with a bunch of weird angles to illustrate the strangeness. I felt woozy after this excursion but it was interesting enough to make it worth it.


The next day we went to Tahquamenon Falls. I’ve seen falls all over the world and these are definitely up there in majesty. It was a rainy day but still a lot of fun to walk through the park and take lots of pictures. Walking through parks is one of my favorite vacation activities so I was really happy to check this box.

My favorite pic of the Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Since this friends-trip is starting to become a tradition I forced this group for what is our 2nd annual commemorative photo. Can’t wait until next year’s trip!

“The Group”

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