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UPDATE: Due to a bit of travel exhaustion the following stops unfortunately had to be eliminated from the itinerary below: La Paz, Bolivia; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Sucre, Bolivia, Potosi, Bolivia; Uyuni, Bolivia; San Pedro de Atacama, Chile; La Serena, Chile. The trip in Arequipa was, however, extended by several days.

While I generally limit myself to actual trips, today’s blog will be a bit of an exception. I’m currently planning (better late than never!) a trip through a large part of South America. I leave one week from today and still have plenty of planning to do but I wanted to write a sneak peak of sorts to evoke jealousy from my fellow traveling buddies. Hehe! So here it is my friends. If I make it through it alive it will be my longest trip EVER at 50 days or just over 7 weeks.
1. Santiago, Chile – 0 days                               14. Cusco, Peru – 1 day
2. Easter Island, Chile – 3 days                      15. Puno (Lake Titicaca), Peru – 2 days
3. Quito, Ecuador – 3 days                              16. Arequipa, Peru – 3 days

4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – 3 days       17. Santiago, Chile – 2 days

5. Guayaquil, Ecuador – 0 days                     18. San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina – 5 days

6. Vilcabamba, Ecuador – 2 days                  19. Santiago, Chile – 2 days
7. Chiclayo, Peru – 1 day                                 20.  Detroit, MI USA
8. Trujillo, Peru – 2
9. Lima, Peru – 0 days
10. Iquitos, Peru – 3 days
11. Lima, Peru – 2 days
12. Cusco, Peru – 2 days
13.  Machu Picchu, Peru – 2 days           

Specific lodging and activities have not yet been planned so please feel free to offer me advice and/or your blessings!

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  1. Hi, I was on the Yolita with you, doing the 7 day trip. The “older” English woman! I have enjoyed reading your web site. You really packed in a lot of experiences! Hope you are well.

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